Ep 75 - Racing, Racing and more Racing

This week: Racing season is in full swing and we break down what's happening with the various series across the globe. Also, we try to sort out why Road Racing in general, has way too many series to try and keep track of and we are not sure if it really needs to be this complicated?

Ep 74 - Daytona 500 & RC Racing

This week: We start out with Daytona 500 coverage and end up talking about MonsterJam..... Also, Lance becomes a "White Trash Ninja"?

Ep 73 - 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hrs Bathurst

This week: Daytona 24 Hours Coverage, 12 Hours of Bathurst and we go over the weeks motoring news.

Ep 72 - $20K Car Challenge, Dakar, Chili Bowl

On this weeks show: We go over Dakar, the Chili Bowl and Matt throws down a $20K car challenge and we all realize we want to buy one. Lol

Ep 71 - We are back...... 2017 Year in review

We are back..... if you care.... Lol

This week: We review 2017 and go over the best and worst.... mostly worst. We also are looking ahead to the 24 Hours of Daytona as well as Dakar and WRC.

Ep 70 - We are Useless at Car Shopping.... Lol

This week: Lance throws down a challenge and like usual an argument breaks out.... Also, Keith wants a Corvette????????

Ep 69 - Tesla, RC Racing & the Singer Porsche

This week: The new Tesla Roadster, RC Racing and finally Singer built a new car and Eric teaches us how to pronounce it. Lol We also filmed a section of our show that will be uploaded to our new YouTube Channel. So.... Now you have to look at us as well as listen to us..... Sorry. Lol

Ep 68 - SEMA 2017 & Goodguys Nationals

This week: SEMA 2017 with special guest and show sponsor Shawn Baker of eJudged. Keith also attends the Goodguy Nationals in Charlotte with the crew of UMI.

Ep 67 - H2O..... Cancelled?

H2O Cancelled... but mayhem still ensued. Idiots once again destroy a perfectly good thing. Plus some more automotive news and just general nonsense. Lol

Ep 66 - The JunkFood Meet - Fall Edition

This week Lance, Eric and Matt hit up the JunkFood Meet and check out some great rides and even better Food Trucks! We also sit down with our friends and show sponsors Shawn from E-judged as well as some knuckle heads ;) from LowLifestyles x JunkStyles.

Ep 65 - We say good-bye to the Viper

Episode 65: F1 at Monza, Indy at the Glenn, Hurricane Harvey's effect on the automotive world, the end of an era with the last Viper rolling off the assembly line and the JunkFood Meet Part 2 is coming up this month and we will be there.