Ep 65 - We say good-bye to the Viper

Episode 65: F1 at Monza, Indy at the Glenn, Hurricane Harvey's effect on the automotive world, the end of an era with the last Viper rolling off the assembly line and the JunkFood Meet Part 2 is coming up this month and we will be there.

Ep 64 - NASCAR... Carbon Fiber?

NASCAR goes carbon fiber? RC Nationals are in town. F1 cars are now football helmets. We have a new Turbo Gerbil, we mean KIA. What makes the perfect car for a millennial. A new Lotus Evora and Jag F-Type. And finally... simple car mods and tasks that end up being a nightmare job.

Ep 63 - Creatures of the Night

We attend Creatures of the Night and almost lose our booth in a wind storm, Lol. We also go over all the latest automotive news and oh yeah... we have a new member of our crew.

Ep 62 - Watkins Glen, Racing News and Goodwood

This week you get to follow us down the wormhole that starts off with us covering some of the racing news over the past few weeks and ends with us talking about World War 2 airplanes and yet somehow it all make sense.

EP 61 - JunkFood Meet 2017

Junkfood Meet 2017 Coverage and we also go over some 24 Hours of Le Mans highlights.

EP 60 - Indy 500 & Formula 1

This week we go over the biggest weekend in racing and we also discuss how bad modern automotive advertising has gotten.

EP 59 - Carlisle Import & Performance 2017

All of our coverage from Carlisle Import & Performance 2017 including an exclusive interview will Racer Gordon Wise.

EP 58 - A New Jeep, IMSA & Carlisle 2017 Prep

A new smaller Jeep that doesn't suck? Lance thinks so. Also we go over all the racing news and our up coming Carlisle Performance and Style prep. Will The Rotard make it in time.......???????

EP 57 - Spring Breakdown 2017

his week we hit up Spring Breakdown 2017 presented by LowLifeStyle x JunkStyles and Counter Kultur!

Great weather, great cars and good times were had by all. We also sit down with Counter Kultur and get the low down on what they are all about and what they have in store for the 2017 season.

EP 56 - Best European Engines of All Time

This week we go over all the latest racing news, the new season of Top Gear is here and we like it and finally we try and tackle the task of what is the greatest European engine of all time.

EP 55 - The Best JDM Engines of All Time

This week we debate a recent list that popped up on social media regarding the best JDM engines ever made. We also struggle to pick a race series and a specific car from that series that we would like to own and race.